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Custom Millstones

Custom Millstones are built to specification for each given application. Any size, height or design available upon request, as each historic reproduction is custom designed.

Millstones are custom-built for the application they are to be used. All millstones are constructed by hand troweling the shape and carving to desired size and design. None of my millstones are molded. They are all one of a kind.

Millstones that will be walked upon or subjected to stress contain rebar set within the stone for structural strength. Millstones that are to be used in water features in which pump maintenance can be an issue are typically made with a large styrofoam core to reduce weight.

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Mayan-inspired, feathered serpent

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Redoing my website…

Transferring my website from Joomla to WordPress – wish me luck (and tell me if anything is missing)!

(Got a friend #joeysichol doing the work for me…)

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